New in the App Store: Lead Registration App

How do you deal with follow-up after an event or exhibition? What do you do with all the business cards you collected? What about the notes you scribbled on a form or typed into your phone? Names, numbers, contacts, leads?

We’ve got the app for you, to make your registration and follow-up a breeze.

  1. Download the Lead Registration App from the App Store, onto your mobile phone. IOS and Android compatible.
  2. Personalize it. Give it your business look & feel. No extra cost.
  3. Scan people’s business cards during the event.
  4. Qualify the contact. Interested / lead/ hot lead based on your own criteria (multiple choice or open) put in the App.
  5. Determine who is going to do the follow-up.
  6. Send your contact a real time message: “Hi, enjoyed talking to you at the event. Can I/ my colleague call you next week to pick up where we left off?”
  7. Export the information into your CRM system using a CSV file: easy peasy.
  8. Activate/ de-activate/adapt your back-end questionnaires before you attend the next event.
  9. Connect the dots: which of your employees scanned the business card? How many? What was the traffic flow during the exhibition? Which contacts follow-up first?.
  10. Cost: € 98,- excl. VAT per user / event

“User-friendly app. Following up on potential leads is now foolproof.”

  • EV BOX

“The LRApp easily provides us insights in the result of our exhibitions.”

  • BASF