EVBox, alive and buzzing!

EVBox is a progressive, cleantech company, which envisions a future where daily commuting is electric, emission-free and sustained by a green infrastructure.
Together, we embarked on a journey to present the company and its vision in the best way possible at large exhibitions worldwide. Their goal is to become known as the number one thought leader in the field of sustainable mobility, to generate leads (target of 100 leads / day which has so far been achieved every event) & to get in contact with new possible partners, customers & suppliers.

How do they stand out from the crowd?
The EVBox booth offers a great balance of showcase products, interactive elements and a hospitality area to give visitors a unique experience.

Part of the experience is a large interactive demo wall, that showcases EVBox’s unique technologies and features in a dynamic way. The different products are segmented per category, meaning there’s something to experience for each type of visitor (consumer, business, government, supplier)

Visitors could actually feel the EVBox energy. They left the booth literally recharged: energized and enthusiastic.

Exhibition results

20 - 100 m2

Booth size

Number of visitors



Customer involvement