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How do we bring you to the top and ensure that you exceed your exhibit goals? To do this, we use a number of stepping stones. Each of these is unique and lays out your road to success. We’ll take you on a singular expedition to the top of the world. 


The road to summit starts here

Why is the target audience coming to this event? What are they looking to see, hear, feel and experience? Is it to improve their knowledge, attitude and behavior? Is it to enhance their performance? Or to make their job easier?


Camp 1: Setting expectations


Why have you signed up for this event? Which knowledge, attitude, behavior of your target audience should be changed after the exhibition? Which conventions should be broken?

exhibit goal mapping

Camp 2: Goal mapping


Goal mapping in terms of number of relevant contacts and real impact using quantitative & neuro data of more than 4.000 previous expeditions.

Camp 3: Activation concept

Keep going

You need to tune in to your target audience’s motivation and link it to your own reasons for attending this event by creating an activation concept. This is a concept whereby your potential customer’s brain is activated. What would you like your target customer to experience? Through this experiential activation, what information, knowledge and values do you intend to “plant” in their brain in order to reach your exhibition objectives.

Camp 4: Smart equipment & routes

Hang in there

In camp 4 we define and collect smart equipment, solutions and routes we do need to enable the strongest possible brain activations. This is about creating content, form, smart supplies to facilitate the experience that visitors will remember. About clever logistics, presentation and presence at the event. All together generating a powerful, persuasive and lasting imprint.

Hillary Step: Unconditional discipline

One step away

Wherever or how high your expedition will go, we use our long term international experience in project management to make your journey memorable. Within the time frame and budget set. In ease and with an eye on every detail. Unconditional discipline enabling you to reach the top.

Reaching the summit

Return on investment

This event will outrank all your earlier achievements. We will supply you with outcome reports, leads from the target audience, qualitative assessment of goal achievements based on online quality scores and neuro-scientific emotional response analysis.

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