Getting your customer to say “yes”
Matchmaking: the works

Marketing, whether it’s B2B or business-to-consumer, boils down to person-to-person contact. Person-to-person interaction requires a speaker and a listener. Usually, in business, we tend to take the role of the speaker and hope our potential customers will listen. But what if we turned the roles around? What if we became the listeners, and let our customers be the speaker? Turning the roles around is an important first step in making a match. People will like you for putting them in the driver’s seat and people prefer to say “yes” to those that they like.

BASF Nunhems decided to harness the powerful principle of liking at the GreenTech Fair in the RAI Amsterdam last July. Their marketing reps did two things: they listened to their potential customers and they addressed their potential customer’s needs.

The way they did that was by switching from the “us” to the “you” perspective. The trick is to stop talking about what they have to offer, but instead to ask what it is that their client wants/ needs/ is looking for. A great question to ask a visitor at a fair is: “What would make you go home from this fair feeling really happy?” Or “What are you hoping to take home from this fair?”

By talking to customers about the challenges they are facing, showing genuine interest, you make them feel that you are tuned in, truly interested and committed to their success. It is the first step towards getting them to like you, and by analogy, to liking the business you represent.

PEAKXV trains its clients to target their potential customers at trade fairs in this way. We show our clients’ marketers that they don’t own customers, but they can own customer’s moments. By listening and asking the right questions. By showing earnest interest. BASF Nunhems marketers found application of what they learned overwhelmingly convincing. The stand crew went home feeling bouncy and elated, because they were making a match. This approach generated significantly higher numbers of leads for BASF Nunhems. In addition, the leads were registered and qualified using the PEAK XV Lead Registration App.

KSE had a similar positive matchmaking experience at the Victam International 2019 trade fair. Read more in our next newsletter.

To see how liking and matchmaking work, check our website (ref video).