Lead Registration App

PEAKXV’s lead management solution: efficient and effective
Lead Registration App

During GreenTech Amsterdam earlier this month, one of our clients had a first go at using our brand new funnel optimisation tool: the Lead Registration App. Sales and Marketing reps attending the horticulture fair were impressed. Why?

Two reasons. First, they were able to get valuable information from potential customers visiting their stand. With their smart phone, and with visitors’ permission, they simply took a photo of the visitors’ business cards, loading real-time contact details such as company name, name, position, e-mail, cell and address. The app recognizes Dutch and foreign business cards alike. Hassle-free, fast, and fully compliant with new privacy and data protection regulation, which requires prior customers’ consent.

Second, back at the office, the sales people knew what to do right away. The information they received from their colleagues was highly customized, because they had asked the right questions: What line of business are you in? What are your most important challenges? Which milestones are you hoping to pass within the next 18 months? What is the production volume of your company? What are your average growth digits? What would you like to agree regarding the follow-up of our meeting?

The answers to both multiple choice and open-ended questions were easily recorded in the Lead Registration App during the event. All that was needed was a smart phone. Away with the delays of slow lead uploads, manual lead routing and hours wasted following up with sales.

After GreenTech 2019, our client was able to accelerate lead assignment to sales, follow-up more efficiently and with higher accuracy. The PEAKXV Lead Registration App allowed them to build their own workflow. That’s what we call enrichment!