BASF Nunhems Conversion

Hybrid Seed Company Boosts Moods and Sales
BASF Nunhems creates Conversion and Impact

At PEAKXV, we know that the way to generate business is to create contact. Real contact. The kind of experience that leaves the potential customer feeling bouncy, happy, elated. If you manage to give a potential customer that feeling at a fair, you have actual impact. With the positive dopamine flowing, you are just one step away from converting their interest into serious attention and potentially into business.

But how do you this, when you are at a trade fair, competing with hundreds of other exhibitors in a noisy, high-ceilinged, air-conditioned huge hall?

One of the principles of unconscious behavior we used for BASF Nunhems at the last horticultural fair in RAI Amsterdam early July, was liking. A gentle way of getting the visitors to say “yes”, in this case to visit the booth and give their contact details out of their own free will.

BASF Nunhems did this by working with Matchmakers. Professionals with a natural passion for other people, their challenges and what makes them tick. Matchmakers have empathy: they are genuinely interested in understanding why a visitor invested time and money to attend the event. They quickly and expertly ascertain whether an exchange at the booth is potentially worthwhile for both parties.

One of the other principles used was nudging. Nudging is based on increasing the likelihood that a visitor will choose your option (your product or service) over another. This can be done by shaping an environment in such a way that the customer feels both comfortable and curious. In this case, we created a greenhouse, partly physical, partly optical and used real lettuce and cucumbers. Growers visiting the stand were in their comfort zone, recognizing their natural environment. Meanwhile, their curiosity was piqued: what does BASF Nunhems have to offer?

A key factor of behavioral design is the ability for the visitor to maintain freedom of choice and to feel in control of the decisions he or she takes. So think about your routing, signposting, messaging, communication, in short, how you nudge relevant visitors towards you.

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