Miele Foolproof!

A ready-made booth? A foolproof concept? A bespoke presentation that works every time, for every specific target group? Whether they be care institutions or catering. Dentists or labs. Miele Professional has got you covered.

Professionals with specific questions on industrial parts cleaning were asked to share their challenges with Miele. They entered their challenge parameters on a transparent OLED touchscreen. If there was a match with an existing cleaning solution by Miele, the visitor was invited to find out about it. If there was no match, the visitor was directed through live stream to the Miele Professional R&D center in Germany and got a free research ticket.

The result: over 250 professionals from various industrial sectors who visited the Miele booth were persuaded that Miele Professional had highly effective cleaning solutions for their specific sector.

Being the undisputed market leader in laundry cleaning, how could Miele use that to improve its market position for the dishwashing sector? This was the challenge Miele Professional put to us for the Horecava, the biggest Food Industry Event in The Netherlands.

With this goal in mind, we embarked together on an expedition, starting with in-depth study of the target audience and competitor analysis. Added to that:  abundant creativity in order to influence conscious and subconscious behaviour. Both women and men in the catering industry experienced surprise! The result for Miele Professional: a great many deals for new dishwashers and baffled competition.

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