Bacteria Count

Did you know that your body hosts an average of 210 trillion bacteria?

This is a staggering number. Kind of like estimating how many grains of sand cover the Earth’s beaches. Or the stellar population of our galaxy. Cosmologists think there are 10 stars for every grain of sand. And that’s just in the observable universe. It kind of hurts your brain to think about it.

Imagine what 210 trillion bacteria crawling on your body means for a hotel. Or for a restaurant. Every guest brings in an entire army of microorganisms. Some of them good of course. But others very nasty when it comes to hotel or restaurant hygiene. With that in mind, quality ratings by hotel or restaurant guests will be significantly higher if you can show that you know, and that you act on that fact.

Check out the full body bacteria scan in the clip and find out for yourself! The body scan was produced by PEAK XV for Miele Professional. Visitors at this year’s Horecava food & beverage fair were able to step up to an electronic scanner and get a bacteria-profile. The results were mind-blowing.

Smart move by Miele and PEAK XV. By physically demonstrating to hotel and restaurant owners what they’re up against, Miele has them right where it wants them: open to Miele’s professional hygienic and clean solutions to combat those 210 trillion bacteria. Bingo! That’s what Miele stands for: Hygienic Clean.